Move.with.EmmaG Pillars of Health

May 10, 2022


As energetic beings, we have an energy field that influences us both internally and externally. Our emotions are specific energy patterns that move within our bodies. Emotions can significantly affect both our thinking (mental) and physical health and should be considered in conjunction with all pillars of health.

Connect - Purpose

Our purpose gives us clarity and direction, and purpose comes from being connected with our mind, body and our community. Our community is an integral part of ensuring we feel safe and supported. When our nervous system feels safe, and stress is minimised, we can perform at our best.   

Breath - Foundation

Our breath is our foundation; it sets the scene for our thoughts, emotions and movement. Our breath controls our autonomic nervous system dictating if we run or stand up and fight, and when we rest and digest. It influences the heart's rhythm and stimulates key neural networks to ensure a solid foundation in which we think, feel, move and ultimately live.

Hydrate - Structure

The body is majority water, making it the perfect conductor for the nervous system's electrical signals to operate our mind and body. It is vital to transport nutrients and minerals to fuel the body and remove toxins and inflammation from our system. It is also responsible for providing smooth and free movement of tissues and joints, allowing us the freedom to interact with the world. 

Fuel - Energise

Our internal reward system plays a significant role in our decisions and is closely entwined with our emotions. We quite often use treats as a reward which can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. By fueling our mind and body with a diet and activities that energise us, we will start to remove the negative connotations and promote a lifestyle that has us looking and feeling at our absolute best.

Move - Expression

Movement is the language the body uses to express itself. When we move we are freeing stagnant energy, stimulating the positivity and releasing the negativity energy. Activity helps blood and lymph flow from our extremities and provides us with the stress and challenge required to grow and evolve. Our ability to move and explore our environments provides feedback to our nervous system to ensure we are functioning optimally.

Recover - Growth/Evolve

The body must rest and recover to maintain and build more robust neural networks. When electrical signals in our neural networks are strong and clear, our body will function at a higher level promoting good health and high performance. Without sufficient recovery, the body will breakdown leading to a decline in our performance, poor health and illness, redirecting our energy away from our purpose and limiting our potential fulfilment.


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